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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Jun 29, 2018

It's here - just in time for Canada Day! Welcome to Part 2 of our conversation with M.A.C. Cosmetics Co-Founder Frank Toskan. It's his first interview in four years so we made sure that we got alllll the juicy celebrity moments that helped catapult M.A.C to household name status (a young Lady Gaga, Madonna and Linda Evangelista were all involved). Don't miss the rebellious acts that had department stores up in arms, like hiring crossdressing makeup artists, and giving out condoms at beauty counters (mon dieu!) We also go deep on VIVA Glam, the unparalleled giving-back program that's earned a whopping $480M for M.A.C's AIDS Fund, including a sneak peek on an academic book on the topic (launching just in time for VIVA Glam's 25th anniversary next year). So, what's Frank Toskan up to now? We've got the scoop on his next indie startup, called Impact Kitchen, that tastes as good as it is for you. 

Hosts: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn
Audio production: Olivia Nashmi
Theme song: Cherry Bomb by Saya

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