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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Oct 25, 2018

Coming in hot, we have celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin on the mic! It's part 2 of our Bonus #Sephoria episodes (Jen held her very own masterclass on the glitter stage). She’s the founder of Ouai haircare, she created the hugely popular educational website, Mane Addicts, by and for hair professionals, she’s a Dyson ambassador and she works with Hollywood’s elite, from the Kardashians to the Jenners to Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid. And while we may have missed out on Jen Atkin’s sold-out Sephoria session where she demonstrated how-to-use Dyson’s new multi-purpose hair tool, the AirWrap, we got a one-on-one preview just days before the event!

After that, listen in for the scoop on Jen’s favourite hair look right now, what else she will be launching in the next several weeks (and a contraband bath & body scrub that’s for friends only, shhh). We discussed what Halloween costume she’ll be wearing this year (guesses, anyone??)

*Unless otherwise stated, all products reviewed are media samples submitted for editorial consideration.*

Hosts: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn

Audio production: Olivia Nashmi

Theme song: Cherry Bomb by Saya

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