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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

Dark spots beware! Today we’re chatting about all things hyperpigmentation with Dr. Alexis Stephens, a Florida-based dermatologist and Skin of Color expert who’s leading the charge when it comes to cultural competency in the field of skin science. (Check out her life-changing before-and-afters on patients here.) We’re getting to the bottom of why hyperpigmentation happens and what you can do about it, whether you’ve been dealt melasma, erythema or post-inflammatory pigmentation due to genetics, hormones or sun damage.

Dr. Stephens is also a trained beauty chemist, so stay tuned as she gets into the specific ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation, from the best prescription options to her top budget finds you can find at major beauty retailers. Then, listen to the end as she addresses our top listener questions: how to get rid of acne scars, hyperpigmentation treatments for body, the merits of micro-needling, and the real talk on hydroquinone. The number one thing we learned? While there isn’t a single “magic cream,” there’s help for hyperpigmentation yet.


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