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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Meet the personal makeup artist to Catherine O’Hara – the talent personally responsible for Moira Rose’s obsidian eyes and rouge bouche on the hit show Schitt’s Creek – it’s Lucky Bromhead! (Fun fact: Lucky is also the key makeup artist for the upcoming series Canada’s Drag Race, debuting in 2020.)

Feb 19, 2020

It’s a #GlowDown throw down with OG beauty YouTuber Kandee Johnson! After a decade of teaching makeup how-to’s as “the happiest channel on YouTube,” Kandee is now a mom of four whose viral transformation tutorials – like the one where she morphs herself into Barbie or Kim Kardashian into Princess Jasmine –...

Feb 12, 2020

You may know Dr. Jen Gunter from her no-B.S. New York Times columns, like My Vagina Is Terrific. Your Opinion About It Is Not”. Or, perhaps you follow her on social media, where her epic junk science take downs have earned her a reputation as Twitter’s Resident Gynecologist and GOOP’s #1 enemy. Dr....

Feb 5, 2020

Today, we’re rolling up our sleeves to put the latest and greatest drugstore products to the test. There’s a new all-natural skincare find that left Carlene *SHOOKETH*, a made-from-TV makeup palette that’s sure to sell out in minutes, a nude eyeshadow palette tested for every skin tone and a no-smudge mascara for...