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Breaking Beauty Podcast

May 8, 2019

First up, beauty podfam! We’re conducting a short listener survey and we’d love to hear from you (Click here to answer our survey). It will only take a couple of minutes (promise!) plus there's a giveaway. By completing the survey, you'll automatically be entered to win a huge skincare prize from our friends @theinkeylist, valued at more than $200 - one lucky person will win 19 products! We’re accepting entries until May 22.


To kick off the episode, we chat about a podcast that we were featured on called Under the Influence with Whitney Eckis. Check out our feature here.


Plus, we discuss the new Gucci Beauty launch and the campaign that has everyone talking, before we get to even more exciting news for luxury beauty lovers - Carlene heads allll the way to Tokyo to learn about what’s new from her fave Japanese brand, Clé de Peau. She had an opportunity to learn firsthand about an inspiring initiative they’re spearheading to highlight powerful women leading the charge to improve women’s education around the world. You’ll hear about Muzoon Almellehan, a former refugee and activist who’s using her role as UNICEF GoodWill Ambassador to champion girls’ education around the globe.


And while in Tokyo, Carlene spoke to Felicity Jones, best known for her role as Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Felicity is the  latest face of Clé de Peau Beauté and we even find out what’s on Jyn’s top shelf (dat smudgy eye!) Then, Carlene and Felicity bond over Clé de Peau’s cultishly adored, $95 concealer, and yes, your humble host isn’t too proud to request an autograph.


PS - For the first time ever we’ve added some behind-the-scenes video content to our YouTube channel. See the full, raw interview with Felicity Jones here.

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*Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all products reviewed are gratis media samples submitted for editorial consideration.*


Hosts: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn

Theme song, used with permission: Cherry Bomb by Saya

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