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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Aug 14, 2019

Meet Chris Appleton, the hairstylist to Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and JLo and card-carrying member of the glammiest of glam squads (that gang also includes Mario Dedivanovic aka Makeup by Mario.) Chris is known for his fantastical looks that we first see on a celebrity, and then on the stylish girl on the street. Case in point: Ariana Grande’s snatched ponytail, Kim’s sexy summer bob and the neon green hair trend courtesy of one of his plethora of candy-coloured wigs.


 Tune in to hear Chris’ master tips on how to put in extensions without any of the tell-tale signs (that ‘shelf’, ugh), the exact steps to achieving glass hair and what to do about summer frizz. Plus, Chris tells us a little behind-the-scene story about how he chased Katy Perry around with a leaf blower for her Never Really Over video, and the reason he used a coat hanger to get her soft-focus 70s curls. And finally, listen until the end when Chris gets personal, to find out what inspired him to get into the hair industry in the first place.


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Hosts: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn

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