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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Apr 8, 2020

With all the Zoom meetings out there, we all need good hair days. Today, you’ll hear the 411 on the question that’s been on everyone’s minds – how to touch up your roots and how to dye your own hair at home. We’ve got Ryan Trygstad on the line, the New York-based celebrity hair pro whose clients include Julianne Moore, Emma Roberts, and Kelly Ripa. (Look out for his new salon, Mark Ryan, opening in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood when the Covid-19 crisis is all over!)

Find out which no-commitment root touch up products Ryan is recommending to his A-List clientele – that won’t run in the rain or give you a dreaded helmet-head effect. Plus, the hair pro shares a hack for what you can use from home in case all those handy root touch up powders and sprays are sold out in your shade online. Let’s be honest though, by Root Watch Week 4, those cosmetic saviours probably won’t cut it. Ryan helps us decode what those wash-in glosses we’re seeing all over Instagram are all about.

No colourist on speed dial? No problem! Ryan goes deep on at-home tips for touching up your roots using drugstore kits, from choosing your shade, to the best application techniques – and what to do in case of a hair colour disaster.  Stay home and be safe everyone!

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