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Breaking Beauty Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Today, we welcome Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter, whose Pull Up For Change initiative made headlines when it launched in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year. The Nigerian-born activist fills us in on how the powerful social media movement that challenges companies to reveal their diversity reports or stop with the performative posts, is still making major headway today. (Plus, you’ll find out which beauty brand surprised Sharon by continuing to pull up.)

But first, you’ll hear the burning backstory behind Uoma Beauty, including the moments in Sharon’s career working at illustrious beauty conglomerates that compelled her to develop the first “Afropolitan” beauty brand in the biz. Find out why Uoma’s 51 shades of the award-winning foundation go beyond a dazzling array of hues, offering up not one but six formulas that cater to every type on the Fitzpatrick scale, from very pale to deepest dark. Finally, we’ll catch you up on the important cause, #EndSARS, that Sharon is advocating for today, along with her sage advice for tapping into what we’re calling “Big Sharon Energy.”

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